Annie le Artist

Hair & Makeup Services

Who is Annie le Artist?

Annie is a multi-skilled visual artist who specializes in both costume and cosmetology designs, originally based in Canada and now located in United States of America.

Annie's creative talent has begun when she was actively working as a fashion dresser, hairstylist, and makeup artist at the theatre in her university.  She enjoys and is good at sketching, drawings, sculpting and graphic design. She has obtained her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Her career started as a licensed hairstylist in Canada in 1999.  To become a real expert in the beauty industry, she continued with advanced education to gain several high diplomas in Makeup Artistry at the John Casablanca's Fashion Institute in Vancouver. Not only in beauty and fashion makeup but she is also specialized in special effect makeup including prosthetic productions.  Annie genuinely believes that your hair style and make up should reflect a client's lifestyle and personality. She has had an extensive hands-on hair and makeup experience in different areas such as beauty, fashion, wedding, photography and special effect.  In 2005, she decided to leave Canada and pursue her dream, working at one of the world-class entertainment theme park companies in Hong Kong.  As a pioneer of the grand opening team, Annie has created numerous of innovative hair and makeup designs for more than 100 shows.  In 2015, Annie moved to Shanghai, once again, she became a key leader for the Costuming Department who built and led the team of 400 employees from ground up.  In 2018, she was relocated to the United States of America with her family. She further advanced her career as an executive leader for a global team of 3000 people. 

No matter how busy her schedule is, her passion to bring out one's inner beauty by uniquely enhancing individuals will go on forever. She currently offers services in bridal, group/ individual lessons, theatre and corporate events.